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Since 1993, Underwood & Associates has served an array of prestige clients in both the private-and public sector, providing them with quality research services. Our unique structure and associate partnerships guarantee the best work at the most affordable price.
In addition to my work at Underwood & Associates, I also teach at Ohio Wesleyan University. Some years ago, I assigned students a research assignment I was pretty sure they couldn't find on the Internet. Sure enough, one enterprising young student pulled me aside before class and announced he had Google'd, Yahoo'd and Asked Sam, but couldn't seem to find the information online.
I suggested that not everything we need to know can be found online. His reaction was both profound and classic: "If you can't Google something, is it really worth knowing?" he asked.
It would be grand if we could justGoogle our way through the complexities of today's fast-paced world. But, of course, there isn't a search engine powerful enough to tell us all we need to know to build a business, survive and flourish in today's global economy. That takes research, real research. It means digging beneath the surface, knowing where to go to get the answers, and having the experience and knowledge to mine meaningful data and information that improves the bottom line.
Meaningful research doesn't just fall from the sky. It can't be plucked from a tree nor harvested from the ocean. Meaningful research takes work, experience, knowledge and keen interpretive skills. We have hundreds of research projects under our belt and years of meeting client needs and expectations. Information is the fuel that drives business. Underwood & Associates are information specialists.  
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