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Lesic & Camper Communications:
Occasionally, clients will come to us for a full package of services. They need our research, but they also need someone to package that research and communicate it to specific audiences. We have worked on numerous projects with Nancy Lesic and Jenny Camper, two premier public relations experts who understand strategic communications and media relations.
Laralyn & Associates:
Our newest associate is Laralyn Sasaki of Laralyn & Associates. A lawyer by training, she understands organizations and how they function.
Melinda Rhodes, Ph.D.:
Depending on the project and the skill-set our clients need, we recruit associates from colleges and universities across Ohio. Dr. Melinda Rhodes is both a colleague at Ohio Wesleyan University and an associate of Underwood & Associates. Few understand the media and communications any better than Dr. Rhodes. She represents the array of academic talent that is available to our clients at Underwood & Associates.
evideo Productions, inc.: If a client wants to capture our research digitally, Tom Dearing has nearly a quarter century of experience in transforming ideas to video and on the Internet. Tom is simply one of the best in the business. 
Browning Design:
David Brownng says good graphic design does more than illustrate a point. It creates visual landscapes around ideas -- capturing attention, stimulating perception, adding new value and meaning to words. A longtime friend and associate of Underwood & Associates.
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